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SEO is a sub-classification of Digital marketing

SEO is a sub-classification of Digital marketing (also SEM, English: Search Engine Marketing) and, next to SEA, the most important strategy with which you can create websites visible to potential customers via search engines. Search engine optimization is basically divided into two regions: Offpage optimization (Offpage SEO) and Onpage optimization (Onpage SEO).

Why is SEO necessary?  Goals and benefits of search engine ranking

Search engine optimization is a targeted process that goals to improve the ranking of a website in organic search results. The goal of Search engine optimization is clear: the highest possible ranking in the search engine result pages. However, that is by no means all that you can achieve with SEO optimization. Here’s a summary of the most important SEO goals for you.

What are the targets of SEO?

Visibility on the internet

Whoever gains the highest positions in the SERPs “ideally in the top 10 search engines such as Google and Co.” becomes visible.

More visitors

More visibility also means more visitors. This is how you address more buyers with SEO search engine optimization.

Sale & Conversions

Ranking improves by SEO, It generates traffic which increases Sale& Conversions

Image& Branding

 Which image is placed in the top 20 search engines for relevant search terms becomes popular. With the optimization – e.g. in addition to RPM(online reputation management measures) – you also stabilize your image.

As a rule, these four targets are closer to each other: More site visibility means more traffic and thus more conversions, sales, and leads. Strengthening the image and branding via the organic search results is a useful reaction on which you can build on with further online marketing platforms

Advantages of SEO search engine optimization?

SEO is not the only strategy in online marketing, but it is one of the powerful and most rewarding. We have mentioned the most important benefits of SEO below:

1: Cost-efficient

While search engine ads include CPC (costs per click) on the ad, clicking on your website in the SERPs is totally free for you.

2: Long-lasting

Search engine optimization is reliable and long-term. The best ranking for relevant search terms is built carefully and can then be maintained in the long term.

3: Flexible & measurable

In contrast to many other types of marketing measures. The effectiveness of the optimization can be measured. As soon as there are issues with the positioning, calculations can be taken quickly and flexibly. You can also react quickly to changes in the market.

5: Basis for more

A well-ranked and ideal positioned website is your figurehead and a basis for many other online marketing measures. Search engine optimization is also the best starting point for Social media marketing, PR, and other aims.

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