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You can’t ignore search engines like Google, in particular, have a major influence on what we see on the web. What is the sense or nonsense of search engine optimization and SEO Services? 

If you are looking for a new supplier, chances are that you will do so via a search engine on the internet. That is why you will usually find what you are looking for in the first 10 results through SEO Services. Google users usually never look further than the first 2 pages of search results. That is why your website must score as well as possible.


SEM is promoting your website through a search engine. This is possible in 2 ways: via advertisements or via the search results. Placing advertisements (Search Engine Advertising – SEA) with suitable keywords. 

It requires a permanent investment. With this, you usually reach good potential customers as they are looking for a related service. The article is about Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services, optimizing a website so that it scores as high as possible in search engines. 

Keyword density and PageRank

Search engines like Google have around 200 parameters on which they rate websites, but there are 2 important ones: keyword density and the PageRank. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword occurs. 

SEO Services provider must assure that If a word appears 5 times on a text of 1000 words, the keyword density for that word is 0.5%. The higher the keyword density, the more important the text will score for that search term. An optimal keyword density is between 3 and 5%. 

The second important parameter is the PageRank. This is determined on the basis of the number of times a page is linked. A grade is assigned per topic, normalized according to the number of times it is linked to. The PageRank is a number between 0 and 10. A link from a page with a high PageRank has a larger value. 

Do it yourself

You can also achieve a lot yourself by optimizing website pages yourself.  Do this by assigning a specific search term (one or more words) to all pages. Optimize this search term for that page.

  • Title: Make sure the search term appears in the page title, preferably as much as possible at the front of the title. Your title contains between 20 and 40 characters. The title is also visible on the page results. Make sure it is distinctive and attractive to click on.
  • Meta tags: Meta tags are becoming less important at Google, but especially the description must always be entered (about 140 characters). The description is shown on the results pages and contains quite a short clear message with a call-to-action.
  • Link strategy: Search for sites that want to link to your site (external link) and ensure that a link (internal link) with important keywords is placed from important pages within your website. Also, provide a sitemap.
  • HTML: Preferably use the HTML tags for the layout. Google can use these tags to distinguish important text from the rest. Make sure that important search terms also occur in titles (eg <H1> tag).
  • Give titles, anchor texts to images and links. This way you increase the keyword density in a simple way, without having to adjust the readability of your texts.

Take the above tips into account, but above all write your texts so that they are easily readable for your (potential) customers. 

Long Tail

In addition to all technical tips, ensuring a lot of good and up-to-2-date content is the most important tip. This way you get more visitors via “the long tail”. More and more searches are made on 3, 4 or more search terms or in full sentences. If you create a lot of different website pages on topics related to your business, you are guaranteed to get a lot of visitors who enter complex search terms. 

Make sure that you provide qualitative and informative articles, then your site will automatically be regarded as a reference within your sector and much more will be linked to your website. 


If you prefer not to do too much effort yourself, you can outsource SEO to an expert. However, keep in mind that optimizing is not an exact science. Because of this, nobody can guarantee that you will be at the top of a search engine. When selecting a partner, take the following criteria into account:

  • Reliable: Make sure that you are comfortable with the optimization company. SEO is not a one-shot but a lasting effort. You will build a long-term relationship.
  • References: Search for a partner who has references within the sector in which you are active. The optimization company must have knowledge of your field. Also, check those references!
  • Findable: Is the party that you work with easily findable via Google and other search engines?
  • Clear strategy: What is the strategy that the company proposes? Do not believe in a quick result, usually, techniques are used that are not ethically correct.
  • Action plan: check what you get and what you will have to do yourself. Does the partner only work through technical tricks or are texts also rewritten?
  • Guarantees: No one can guarantee a top position, but you can agree on a formula where you only pay part of the invoice if a number of top positions are achieved.
  • Request a free analysis of your website.

Do not expect to achieve a top position within a few weeks or days. It often takes months before any results are achieved. 


Optimization of a website is not without risk. There are tricks with which you quickly score much higher in search engines. Hidden links, doorway pages, redirects, link farms, are technical tricks that can trick search engines. However, there is a risk that your website will be blacklisted and that all pages will be removed from the results list. 


SEO is a relatively cheap way to get more visitors to your website (and therefore do more business through your website). You can take a lot of actions yourself, but if your website is the most important source of income, then you should consult CrestSoft a professional Digital Marketing and SEO Services Company. 

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