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The rise of digital is becoming more and more every day. No domain is spared. Digital marketing finds its place and very beautiful ways elsewhere. The field of marketing is not marginal. The current decade has seen the field of marketing evolve like never before. In a century, such a development had not yet been made. This is due to the digital that comes to provide this field of revolutionary techniques. Being accompanied by a digital marketing agency is now commonplace. Let’s find out more about this discipline in the many possibilities it offers to everyone.

What is Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing or digital marketing is the set of techniques and processes to promote a company’s activities; which are realized through different existing digital media. It is a discipline essentially based on the strong potential offered by the Internet to make itself known. It brings together other major disciplines that lead to leads and win as many customers as possible.

Web Sites

One of the most inescapable techniques of digital marketing is probably the creation of a website, a blog or a merchant site, depending on the type of activity that the company leads. Owning a showcase site or at the limit, a blog makes it possible to make known all the activities of a company, the services it offers, and many other details such as the address, the reputation through the products and services already provided, etc. This allows the company to open up to the world. A merchant site is adequate when you want to make sales online, a fairly developed area with the explosion of online payment methods.

Social Networks

To reach an ever-larger audience, digital marketing will almost require a company to be fairly present on social networks. It is now a condition sine qua non to be known on the internet. Most, if not all, Internet users are on social networks, depending on their preferences. So if a company wants to have a chance to become known and get qualified leads, it must be present on social networks.


It should be known that there are a very large number of companies on the internet through their showcase sites, blogs, and commercial sites. It is therefore imperative to be noticed to poach clients. In this perspective, search engines are unavoidable. A company that wants to make itself known by the largest number of possible Internet users must be present in the first pages of results when a user searches for the products and services it provides. This is SEO SEO. There are adequate techniques and tools to achieve this. The goal is to boost as much as possible the visibility of a website on the internet. It will also, in the same perspective, boost the presence of the company on social networks. We are talking in this case of SEO SMO.

Inbound Marketing

Specific to the owners of commercial sites, inbound marketing is a set of processes that aims to lead customers and retain them. Step by step, it will turn users into qualified leads, that is to say, people interested in the products and services offered, then customers, to retain and reuse them as promotional channels. The most important steps in an inbound marketing strategy are:

•             SEO and SEM referencing;

•             The web conversion that transforms the simple visitors into qualified leads;

•             Marketing automation that transforms qualified leads into customers;

•             Customer loyalty by turning them into ambassadors for the products and services they provide.

At the heart of this strategy is Social Selling, a parallel procedure on social networks that allows you to make customers and interact with them in a fairly effective and interactive way.

Mobile Marketing

What differentiates digital marketing from web marketing is certainly the type of digital media that can be used in both. If web marketing stops at the traditional form of the internet, digital marketing goes beyond. The latter uses the possibility offered by mobile digital media. Mobile marketing is therefore about using mobile devices, mainly smartphones, but also tablets and smartwatches, as communication and promotion channels. Mobile apps, localization, mobile advertising, push notifications and more are used.

Emailing Campaign and Big Data

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools is definitely emailing. Conducting emailing campaigns, that is, sending mass personalized emails to well-chosen targets, is an extremely important task. This action makes it possible to increase the number of prospects and to acquire a database of quite significant potential customers. It is a fairly easy task to manage, the benefits of which are enormous. It allows among other things to retain existing customers and is crucial in a marketing automation action, that is to say, push the prospect to make a purchase. All this is done through web analysis, including the behavior of your visitors on the web. Collect all data related to their tastes and habits, this is the big data. This measure makes it possible to refine your campaigns of emailing, and more broadly your marketing and commercial actions.

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